Damon Albarn | Streaming from Isolation

I have been involved in a project working with Damon Albarn and an eclectic mix of musicians towards a tour which, after being cancelled due to Covid-19, can hopefully take place next year. The name of the tour was The nearer the fountain, more pure the stream flows, which is a line from the John Clare poem Love and Memory. In May, Damon presented this glimpse of some of the musical material which we would have performed had it been possible to play concerts back then.

I have been listening to a lot of his other music recently, which I hadn’t really done before, and it was very interesting for me to come back and listen to this again today with different ears. Damon is a fascinatingly creative, inspiring and honest artist (I suppose all those adjectives are actually the definitive features of an artist, really), and I feel very honoured to have come into contact with his music in this way.

Damon Albarn in a barn

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