Phoenix Trio

Interview and recording of concert in Dublin, January 2019 

See also:

From Paul Kerekes‘ awesome four pieces, premiered Melbourne, 2015.

Intimate Decisions @ Well Strung, Berlin-Neukölln

Anna Morley’s album Visceral, released 29 November, 2019.


Interview with Brett Dean, composer, violist, and all-round star:


How Musicians Work – podcast (interview with Sophie Chapman)

1000 Windows Single with Lione, released 2016

Fractured Spring, 2012

Music is Castrated Noise X by Dror Feiler. Hommes Orchestres, 2016


The Meander Project, 2013

Improvisation – Viola and Dance 2013

Bartok – Romanian Folk Dances (my arrangement) 2012 What to Wear at Bang On A Can Summer Festival (!!!) 2014
Playing/singing with Ben Sures, Jessica Fotinos and Ashley Ball at the Banff Centre, 2014

Singing/playing with Jess Fotinos and Ashley Ball as part of Ben Sure's set at the Edge, the Banff Centre, Canada, 2014


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