Moon travel & Mozart

Currently I have the joy of being involved in Frau Luna, an operetta by Paul Lincke first performed in 1899 and revamped for a glitzy and great production at Tipi am Kanstleramt this winter. From where I’m playing, in a small ensemble to the side of the stage, I love being able to see the audience because there is so much laughter. The cast are a real inspiration – so spontaneous, funny and twinkle-eyed. The show runs until the end of January and I would highly recommend it – I have to remember to keep playing and not be too distracted by what happens on stage!


Tipi am Kanstleramt; source:

I have just returned from a weekend away playing chamber music in some charming German towns, Goslar and Wolfenbüttel. It was so much fun to collaborate with great players who are amusing (but at the same time, deep!) people, and again, to perform for really appreciative audiences. In Goslar (as part of Musikfest Goslar) we played in a gallery, and in Wolfenbüttel in a very large room in a very old house – both settings have, as far as I am concerned, the perfect qualities for enjoyable music-making for this type of music (hopefully for audience AND performers) – the audience is close (seated on picturesque, mismatching chairs!), and the atmosphere is welcoming and visually interesting. Although the music is great anywhere, I can’t help but think that these kinds of settings are much closer to those in which the pieces were originally played (and for which they were conceived) – and that the closeness to the audience, relative informality and, so to speak, raw quality of performance is often lost in modern concert halls.


Marie Radauer-Plank, Marjolaine Locher Violine
Alexina Hawkins Viola
Damien Ventula Violoncello
Henrike Brüggen Klavier

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: 
Streichquartett A-Dur KV 169
Klavierquartett g-Moll KV 478
Robert Schumann: Klavierquintett Es-Dur op. 44


Amongst several upcoming events, I’m currently anticipating the next Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin concert on 17 November in the Philharmonie, which features a gorgeous program including Ligeti’s Ramifications and Britten’s Les Illuminations. I’m also cooking up a couple of new music projects for the new year which I will reveal here soon!

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