Colourful June

I had 3 big projects in June. On the 7th, I helped launch Lione’s new single 1000 Windows, which includes some lush (!) multi-track viola. At the launch party we were joined by two of my favourite violists – Ooi and Esther Alba Lopèz. You can hear 1000 Windows here via Bandcamp.

Single launch – 1000 Windows (with Lione, Ooi and Esther Alba Lopèz)

On the 18th with Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin, I supported my childhood hero Nigel Kennedy at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival of music by Jimi Hendrix. The concert atmosphere was pretty WILD and I was reminded of the broadcast of a Nigel Kennedy concert I heard on radio in around 2002, where I was first inspired by what I heard him do in front of a crowd…

nigel k and dko
Playing Jimi Hendrix with Nigel Kennedy and DKO at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern festival

Following the show, I flew to Geneva where I spent a week rehearsing, performing, eating and talking with a fascinating group of people in a project directed by cellist and composer Brice Catherin. I worked with Brice, Israeli-born Swedish saxophonist, composer and political activist Dror Feiler, composers Arash Yazdani and Jacques Demierre and saxophonist Laurent Estoppey. We played 3 concerts, in Geneva, Saint Genis-Pouilly (France) and Lausanne.

hommes orchestres
Brice Catherin, Dror Feiler and Laurent Estoppey between rehearsals for Hommes Orchestres

In July and August I’m excited to continue travelling – I’ll return to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with Deutsches Kammerorchester, actor Ben Becker and pianists Lucas and Arthur Jussen, then head to Italy for some music and sun!

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