Last lap!

After an epic weekend preparing for a quartet concert at the ever-astonishing Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (BIFEM), I have one more ANAM Fellowship concert to present before I fly back to Berlin – this time with no certain idea of when I’ll be back.

The concert is this Saturday night in St Kilda. There’ll be a solo viola piece by Nicoleta Chatzopoulou, a beautiful composer from Greece who I met at Bang On A Can Festival last year. The inbuilt polyphony in the viola part suggests many conversing voices within one viola. The very inspiring Thea Rossen will present an improvisation using multiple aquaphones (and, rumour has it, some water in a rawer form!) – I’m so excited to hear this because aquaphone (sometimes called Waterphone) has an incredibly unique sound that I really love. Today we began rehearsing for Sam Smith’s viola septet, which has already been deemed “unethical” and “illegal” by some commentators, and is another fine display of the sonic possibilities of which a viola ensemble is capable. And finally, I’ll be playing Michael Gordon’s deeply moving Light is Calling, usually played on violin or cello with a warped-sounding tape track.

It’ll be a really immersive sonic experience lasting less than an hour, and I’ll definitely be celebrating afterwards (there is also a bar!) so come along! Tickets are $20/$10/Free for ANAMates and ANAM students.

More info here. Pre-purchase tickets here.

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