Little Concert

This Friday night at 8pm I’m delighted to be giving a tiny recital at Ohrpheo music school at Jablonskistraße 15, 10405 Berlin. I am preparing some pieces to play in a competition* and would love to share them with as many people as possible, so head on over – there will be a lot of opportunity for ice-cream and drinks afterwards! Facebook event link here.

*I actually withdrew from the competition in the end, but the concert was a beautiful evening and the quality of the sizeable audience was particularly fine.

My German message (hopefully all grammatically correct, but I fear it is a lifetime of work ahead):

Liebe Freunden,

ich mache ein kleines Konzert und würde gern dieses Musik mit euch zu teilen. Ich werde 3 ganz andere Stücke spielen:

Etude No. 25 von Bartholomeo Campagnoli – freundlich, hypertonal (!)

1. und 4. Satz von der 1. Sonate von Max Reger – dramatisch, stürmisch

in manus tuas von Caroline Shaw – meditativ, schön

The moon visits Prenzlauer Berg
The moon visits Prenzlauer Berg

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