continuum II – Αθήνα

Pavement at Nicoleta's place, Athens
Pavement at Nicoleta’s place, Athens

I’m writing from Athens, Greece, the land of the Gods, where I am staying with a dear friend and fine composer, Nicoleta Chatzopoulou, who I met last year at Bang On A Can Summer Festival. Nicoleta wrote a solo piece, continuum II, for me, which I premiered in my final ANAM Fellowship concert in mid-September. I have been asking her some questions about the sounds and atmosphere she was seeking when writing the piece, which has led to a really engaging and inspiring conversation. Nicoleta is also a viola da gamba player, and today I was excited to try out this incredible instrument in her studio. Visiting Athens has been a wonderful experience, and I am so inspired to continue performing continuum II with all these memories woven in.

While I have been here, I have also had important experiences with souvlaki, oil biscuits and coffee.


2 responses to “continuum II – Αθήνα”

  1. Floss Eyre (female) Avatar
    Floss Eyre (female)

    WOWEE…….Can believe you are in GREECE XINI !!!!!!!

    1. Floss Eyre (female) Avatar
      Floss Eyre (female)

      Loving that you are in such a fabulous place!!! Flossxxxxx

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